Texas Statewide Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Services - A Comprehensive Analysis of the Regulating and Cultural Services Provided by Texas Forests

The value of traditional goods, such as timber, from Texas’ forests has long been recognized to be of economic  importance to society. This value is relatively easy to assign. However, there is far greater worth to Texas’  abundant forests and woodlands than realized by the value of wood fiber, wildlife and recreation. Texas  forests provide numerous ecosystem services that are essential to the survival and well-being of all citizens in  Texas. Yet, because no markets exist in which to buy and sell these services, they are not appropriately valued. This assessment estimates the economic value (2011 USD) that forest-based ecosystem services provide to society. The scope of this effort covers all forests in Texas, as identified by the USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program, and focuses on the following ecosystem services:

  • climate regulation
  • watershed regulation
  • biological diversity regulation
  • cultural values



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