Texas Wetlands Conservation Plan

Texas’ wetlands are among its most valuable natural resources. These lands provide many economic and ecological benefits, including flood control, improved water quality, harvestable products, and habitat for our abundant fish, shellfish and wildlife resources. But Texas’ wetlands are disappearing. About half of Texas’ historic wetlands acreage has been converted in response to society’s demand for food, fiber, housing and industrial development. 

The Texas Wetlands Conservation Plan, initiated in April, 1994, focuses on non-regulatory, voluntary approaches to conserving Texas’ wetlands. The Plan focuses on:

  • Enhancing the landowner’s ability to use existing incentive programs and other land use options through outreach and technical assistance;
  • Developing and encouraging land management options that provide an economic incentive for conserving existing wetlands or restoring former ones; and,
  • Coordinating regional wetlands conservation efforts.


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