Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances Updated:04/2022

A Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances is a formal agreement between the Service and one or more parties to address the conservation needs of proposed or candidate species, or species likely to become candidates, before they become listed as endangered or threatened. Landowners voluntarily commit to conservation actions that will help stabilize or restore the species with the goal that listing will become unnecessary. If the species does become listed, the landowner will be assured that they will not be subject to any additional Endangered Species Act regulation so long as they continue to fulfill the terms of their agreement.

Benefits to Landowners

CCAAs may benefit landowners in several ways. First, if the actions preclude listing, the landowner is not regulated by the Endangered Species Act. Second, if the conservation actions are not sufficient and the species is listed, the Agreement automatically becomes a permit authorizing the landowner incidental take of the species. Thus, the agreements provide landowners with assurances that their conservation efforts will not result in future regulatory obligations in excess of those they agree to at the time they enter into the Agreement. Third, for landowners who want to conserve the species or want to manage habitat on their land, the Agreement provides an avenue to potential federal or state cost-share programs.

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