Organic Products and Services Serving Texas
Alderspring Ranch
Glenn Elzinga - May, ID
Big Tree Organic Farms
Susan Cook - Customer Service - Turlock, CA
Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool (CROPP)
- La Farge, WI
CROPP Cooperative
- Westby, WI
Dixon Water Foundation
- Decatur, TX
Good Earth Organic Farm
- Celeste, TX
Greer Farm
- Daingerfield, TX
Mad Agriculture
- Boulder, CO
Mary Ellen Holliman
Texas Department of Agriculture - Coordinator for Organic Certification - Austin, TX
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service
Faye Jones - Executive Director - Spring Valley, WI
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
- Butte, MT
Organic Farming Research Foundation
- Santa Cruz, CA
Perennial Fund
- Boulder, CO
Perfect Blend Organics
Justin Leavens - Sales Manager - Buhl, ID
- New York, NY
Regenterra Solutions
- Quincy, MA
Rolling River Nursery
Planting Justice - Oakland, CA
Where Food Comes From Organic
- Castle Rock, CO
Half-Earth Day EarthX Conservation Conference Half-Earth Day Conservation Conference will focus on The Role of Private Lands in Texas. This event brings together people from around the world and across disciplines to share their unique perspectives and thought leadership on how we can work together to achieve the goal of Half-Earth and ensure the health of our planet for future generations. Thursday, October 22nd – 9:00am – 4:00pm CT Old Parkland Dallas, TX For more information contact: Terry Beck - (817) 999-4893