Foresters Serving Texas
Adam Barbee
Trees LLc. - Reginal Manager - Houston, TX
Advanced Ecology, LTD.
Keith Webb - Environmental Operations Manager - Center, TX
Amanda Mahaffey
Forest Stewards Guild - Deputy Director - Portland, ME
American Forest Management
- Charlotte, NC
American Timber Trust
- Houston, TX
American Tree Farm System
Paul DeLong - Senior Vice President, ATFS & Conservation - Washington, DC
Austin D Carroll
Wiregrass Ecological Associates - President - Gulfport, MS
Blue Ox Urban Forestry
Laura Hartford - Cresson, TX
Bob Harper
Harper Forestry, LLC - President - Conroe, TX
Brandon White
RecLand Realty, LLC - Forester/Assoc. Broker (TX) - Jasper, TX
Brenden Gill
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Area Manager - Silsbee, TX
Bryant Forestry
Charles M. Bryant, CF, ISA - Montgomery, TX
Buddy Rosser
Dean, Youens, & Rosser - Graduate Forester - Daingerfield, TX
Burns Forestry
- Crockett, TX
Carl B. Herberg
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. - Vice President - Texarkana, TX
Carolyn Pike
Purdue University: Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetics Resources - Area Regeneration Specialist (Northeast) - West Layfayette, IN
Charles B. Burditt
Burditt Land & Place - President - Conroe, TX
Charles Westmoreland, CF
- Conroe, TX
Chris Bartley
F&W Forestry Services, Inc - Regional Manager - Huntsville, TX
Chris D Colbey
TimberPro Forest Service - Nacogdoches, TX
Christopher E. Adams
Vision Forestry, LLC - Owner/President - Lufkin, TX
Clay Davis
Clay Davis Consulting Forester - Consulting Forester - Carthage, TX
Cliff J. Sunda
Wildwood Environmental Credit Company, LLC - Vice President – Operations - Tyler, TX
Colburn Forestry
- Livingston, TX
Colin Townsend
Morrow Land Group, LLC - Land Specialist & Forester - Jasper, TX
Cook Forest Management
- Nacogdoches, TX
Crater, Johns and Hartman, LLP
Tom C. Crater - Consulting Forester - Lufkin, TX
Dahl Environment Services, LLC
Bjorn M. Dahl, ACF - Golden, CO
Daniel Saenz
U.S. Forest Service - Research Wildlife Biologist - Nacogdoches, TX
David C. Smith
Forestry and Wildlife Management, Inc. - Texas Accredited Forester - Mineola, TX
David G. Macher
Renewable Forest Management, LLC - Professional Forester - Diboll, TX
David Litterst
David Litterst Forest Management - Texas Accredited Forester - Jacksonville, TX
Dovetail Partners Inc.
- Minneapolis, MN
East Texas Forestry Services
Steve Sutton - Avinger, TX
Ed Applequist
- Consulting Forester - Center, TX
Edward L. O'Brien
Forestry & Land Resource Consultants, Inc. - Brookeland, TX
Edwin L. Barnes, Jr.
Barnes Land & Timber Management, LLC - Liberty Hill, TX
Eric W. Entrekin
Southeast Forestlands - President and Director of Forest Management - Meridian, MS
Eric Watson
Champion Forest Resource Manageme - President - Huntsville, TX
FNC Forest Resource Management
James S Houser - Professional Forester - Jacksonville, TX
Forest Biometrics Research Institute
- Portland, OR
Forest Resource Consultants
- Macon, GA
Forest Stewards Guild
- Santa Fe, NM
Forth Worth Forestry Section
Rustin Stephens - City Forester - Fort Worth, TX
Franklin L. Williams
Forestry and Land Resource Consultants, Inc. - Lufkin, TX
Gary A. Burns
Burns Forestry - Owner - Crockett, TX
Gary Price
- Bivins, TX
Glenn Gill, TFA
Jason Forest Products - Tenaha, TX
Hap Hachtel
CJT & Associates - Owner - Mount Enterprise, TX
Harry Faulkner, TAF
- Texas Accredited Forester with Texas Forestry Association - Lufkin, TX
Hemard & Company
Victor E. Hemard Jr. - President - Texarkana, TX
Hull Forest Products
- Pomfret Center, CT
Idaho Timber of Carthage
John Peaslee - General Manager (Carthage Location) - Meridian, ID
Jacob Rustin
Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. - Area Manager - Nacogdoches, TX
Jakeb Pennington
Legacy Land & Timber - Forester - Devers, TX
James W. Dawson
Dawson Forestry Services - Owner - Cushing, TX
Jason C. Raines
Acorn Forestry - Lufkin, TX
Jay R. Tidwell
Landpoint Forestry, LLC - Bivins, TX
Jeffrey Williams
Williams Forestry - Certified Forester - Tyler, TX
Jenkins Forest Resources LLC
Thomas Paul Jenkins CF, ISA - Certified Forester - Humble, TX
Jeremiah R Pinto
USDA Forest Service: Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetics Resources - Research Plant Physiologist, Tribal Nursery Specialist - Moscow, ID
Jimmy Don Thomas
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. - Forester - Arkadelphia, AR
Jimmy McNamara
FNC Forest Resource Management - Jacksonville, TX
Joel Rudolph
- Forester, Real Estate Broker - Nacogdoches, TX
John D. Ross
Burditt LLC - Senior Resource Forester - Conroe, TX
John Diehl
Diehl Forestry LLC - Bossier City, LA
John Heath
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Operations Manager - Nacogdoches, TX
John Kilian
Field Coordinator - Burns Forestry - Crockett, TX
John Marksberry
Bird & Crawford Forestry - Forester / Wildlife Biologist - Shreveport, LA
John McRae
- Lufkin , TX
Jonathan Fife
Burns Forestry - Forester/Wildlife Biologist - Crockett, TX
Justin T. Penick
Acorn Forestry - Lufkin, TX
Kathryn Tillman
U.S. Forest Service - Supervisory Forester - Nacogdoches, TX
Keelin R. Parker
Parker Forestry Consultants - Forester/Owner - Woodville, TX
Ken Braddock
HGT Group, LP - Nacogdoches, TX
Kollin Hurt Forestry, Inc.
- Professional Forester - Gilmer, TX
Kynda Trim
FNC Forest Resource Management - Forester - Jacksonville, TX
Larson & McGowin, Inc.
Daphne E. Smith - Controller - Mobile, AL
Linda Ziccardi
Alpine EcoSciences LLC - Owner - Golden, CO
Mark Bird
Bird Forestry - Consulting Forester - Center, TX
Mark Brian
Bird Forestry - Consulting Forester - Center, TX
Mark Drahem
JMS Forestry Associates - Nacogdoches, TX
Mark E. Erb
President - Forestry Associates, LLC - Huntsville, TX
Mason, Bruce & Girard
Roger Lord, ACF - Blacksburg, VA
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
- Portland, OR
Michael P. Smith
Forestall Company, Inc. - President - Birmingham, AL
Michael Posey
American Forest Management - Area Manager - Groveton, TX
Mick Schmitt
FNC Forest Resource Management - Jacksonville, TX
Mike Bird
Principal / Forester - Bird & Crawford Forestry - Center, TX
Mike Cline
Mike Cline Consulting Forester - Professional Forester - Palestine, TX
Mike S. Walker
Azimuth Forestry Services, Inc. - Owner & President - Shelbyville, TX
Mike Young
FNC Forest Resource Management - Forest Technician - Jacksonville, TX
National Association of State Foresters
- Washington, DC
National Woodland Owners Association
Keith A. Argow - President, Director, At-Large - Vienna, VA
Natural Capital Exchange (NCX)
- San Francisco, CA
Nature's Eye Consulting
Blake Hamilton - Founder, Forester & Wildlife Biologist - Lufkin, TX
Pat Grissom
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc - Forester - Texarkana, TX
Phil Witter
Canfor Southern Pine - Environmental Manager - US Operations - Mobile, AL
Phil Wright
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc - Forester - Texarkana, TX
Philip D. Bailey, MAI
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. - Senior Appraiser, Eastern US & International - Blacksburg, VA
Ray Lott
Ray Lott & Associates, Inc. - President/Consulting Forester - Texarkana, TX
Reboot Reforestation, LLC
Connor Herndon - Sales & Customer Outreach Manager - Tuscaloosa, AL
Resource Analytical & Management Group, LLC
Billy K. Lemons - President & Principal Consultant - Nacogdoches, TX
Richard Cole
Senior Forester - Burns Forestry - Crockett, TX
Ricky ONeill
Neeley Forestry Service, Inc. - Certified Wildlife Biologist and Certified Forester - Camden, AR
Risner Forestry
Lin and Wanda Risner - Marshall, TX
Robert C. Crane
Woodland Management Service - Consulting Forester - Stevens Point, WI
Robert Fuchs
4F Forestry, LLC - Professional Forester - Nacogdoches, TX
Robert R Bryan
Forest Synthesis - President/Habitat Conservation Forester - Harpswell, ME
Robin G. Willhoite
United Timber Management Co. - Consulting Forester - Timpson, TX
Rodney Ladner, TFA
Ladner Forestry Consulting, Inc - President - San Augustine, TX
Rodney Schroeder
American Forest ManagementTX
Ronald F. Billings
Texas Forest Service - Consulting Forester - College Station, TX
Ronnie Bane
Burditt Associates - Vice President - Conroe, TX
Hunting Leases - Alexandria, LA
Scott Assenheimer
Canvas Natural Resource Solutions, LLC - Forester-Wildlife Biologist - Longview, TX
Scott Hammett
Hammett Forest Management - Consulting Forester, Texas Broker - Linden, TX
Scott Nevins
RecLand Realty, LLC - Forester/Agent (TX) - Monroe, LA
Scott Shartle Family Tree Farm, LLC
- Crockett, TX
Scotty Ward
Crest Natural Resources - Commercial Certified And Insured Prescribed Burn Manager - Jasper, TX
Sean Johnson
ETX Resource Management LLC - Owner/Forest Resource Manager - Jacksonville, TX
Seth Yoho
Williams Forestry & Associates - Regional Manager - Calhoun, GA
Sherman Forestry Services LLC
- Diana, TX
Shortleaf Pine Initiative
- Athens, GA
Silva-Tech - South, Ltd.
Michael D. Bird, ACF - Forester - Center, TX
Southeast Prescribed Fire Update
North Carolina State University Extension Forestry - Raleigh, NC
Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc.
- Bainbridge, GA
Southern Forestry Management
Charles McKeever & George Gillespie - Hallsville, TX
Southern Group of State Foresters
- Garner, NC
Southern Timber Growers, Inc.
- Houston, TX
Spencer Burke
SKB Consulting LLC - Professional Forester - Crockett, TX
Stephen Dantzler
Apex Forestry and Land Co., LLC - Professional Forester - Porter, TX
Steven Sutton
East Texas Forestry Service - Avinger, TX
Suzanne Birmingham Walker
Azimuth Forestry Services, Inc. - Owner & Vice President - Shelbyville, TX
Taylor Wilson
Resource Management Service - District Manager - Lufkin, TX
Teddy Reynolds, B.S.F., R.F., S.R.
Reynolds Forestry Consulting & Real Estate, PLLC - President/CEO - Magnolia, AR
Texas A&M Forest Service
- College Station, TX
Texas Forestry Association
- Lufkin, TX
The Forestland Group, LLC
Mike Hincher - Managing Director Forest Operations - Abingdon, VA
The Longleaf Alliance
- Andalusia, AL
The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC
- Jackson, MS
Tim A. Parker
Parker Forestry Consultants - Partner - Woodville, TX
Timothy Gahl
Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. - Region Manager - Diboll, TX
Timothy Gahl
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Lufkin, TX
Tobias P. Ford Jr., PLS, RPLS
Tobias P Ford Land Surveying - St. Francisville, LA
Victor E. Hemard, Jr.
Hemard & Company - President - Texarkana, TX
Walsh Timber Co LLC
David Cupp - Zwolle, LA
Walsh Timber Company, L.L.C.
- Zwolle, LA
Ward Timber Company Inc.
- Linden, TX
Warren E. Peters
Peters Forest Resources, Inc. - President - Baton Rouge, LA
Wayne S. Pfluger
Lone Star Forestry, LLC - Owner - Huntsville, TX
Wes White Forestry Consultant
- Jacksonville, TX
William Douglas Stalnaker Jr.
Campbell Timber Management - Landman - Diboll, TX
William Hoebel
W. G. Hoebel Company, Inc. - Henderson, TX
William Muncrief
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Area Manager - Jasper, TX