Foresters Serving Texas
Adam Barbee
Trees LLc. - Reginal Manager - Houston, TX
Advanced Ecology, LTD.
Keith Webb - Environmental Operations Manager - Center, TX
Amanda Mahaffey
Forest Stewards Guild - Deputy Director - Portland, ME
American Forest Management
- Charlotte, NC
American Timber Trust
- Houston, TX
American Tree Farm System
Paul DeLong - Senior Vice President, ATFS & Conservation - Washington, DC
Austin D Carroll
Wiregrass Ecological Associates - President - Gulfport, MS
Blue Ox Urban Forestry
Laura Hartford - Cresson, TX
Bob Harper
Harper Forestry, LLC - President - Conroe, TX
Brandon White
RecLand Realty, LLC - Forester/Assoc. Broker (TX) - Jasper, TX
Brenden Gill
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Area Manager - Silsbee, TX
Bryant Forestry
Charles M. Bryant, CF, ISA - Montgomery, TX
Buddy Rosser
Dean, Youens, & Rosser - Graduate Forester - Daingerfield, TX
Carl B. Herberg
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. - Vice President - Texarkana, TX
Carolyn Pike
Purdue University: Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetics Resources - Area Regeneration Specialist (Northeast) - West Layfayette, IN
Charles B. Burditt
Burditt Land & Place - President - Conroe, TX
Charles Westmoreland, CF
- Conroe, TX
Chris Bartley
F&W Forestry Services, Inc - Regional Manager - Huntsville, TX
Chris D Colbey
TimberPro Forest Service - Nacogdoches, TX
Christopher E. Adams
Vision Forestry, LLC - Owner/President - Lufkin, TX
Clay Davis
Clay Davis Consulting Forester - Consulting Forester - Carthage, TX
Cliff J. Sunda
Wildwood Environmental Credit Company, LLC - Vice President – Operations - Tyler, TX
Colburn Forestry
- Livingston, TX
Colin Townsend
Morrow Land Group, LLC - Land Specialist & Forester - Jasper, TX
Crater, Johns and Hartman, LLP
Tom C. Crater - Consulting Forester - Lufkin, TX
Dahl Environment Services, LLC
Bjorn M. Dahl, ACF - Golden, CO
Daniel Saenz
U.S. Forest Service - Research Wildlife Biologist - Nacogdoches, TX
David C. Smith
Forestry and Wildlife Management, Inc. - Texas Accredited Forester - Mineola, TX
David G. Macher
Renewable Forest Management, LLC - Professional Forester - Diboll, TX
David Litterst
David Litterst Forest Management - Texas Accredited Forester - Jacksonville, TX
Dovetail Partners Inc.
- Minneapolis, MN
East Texas Forestry Services
Steve Sutton - Avinger, TX
Ed Applequist
- Consulting Forester - Center, TX
Edward L. O'Brien
Forestry & Land Resource Consultants, Inc. - Brookeland, TX
Edwin L. Barnes, Jr.
Barnes Land & Timber Management, LLC - Liberty Hill, TX
Eric W. Entrekin
Southeast Forestlands - President and Director of Forest Management - Meridian, MS
Eric Watson
Champion Forest Resource Manageme - President - Huntsville, TX
FNC Forest Resource Management
James S Houser - Professional Forester - Jacksonville, TX
Forest Biometrics Research Institute
- Portland, OR
Forest Resource Consultants
- Macon, GA
Forest Stewards Guild
- Santa Fe, NM
Forth Worth Forestry Section
Rustin Stephens - City Forester - Fort Worth, TX
Franklin L. Williams
Forestry and Land Resource Consultants, Inc. - Lufkin, TX
Gary A. Burns
Burns Forestry - Owner - Crockett, TX
Gary Price
- Bivins, TX
Glenn Gill, TFA
Jason Forest Products - Tenaha, TX
Hap Hachtel
CJT & Associates - Owner - Mount Enterprise, TX
Harry Faulkner, TAF
- Texas Accredited Forester with Texas Forestry Association - Lufkin, TX
Hemard & Company
Victor E. Hemard Jr. - President - Texarkana, TX
Hull Forest Products
- Pomfret Center, CT
Idaho Timber of Carthage
John Peaslee - General Manager (Carthage Location) - Meridian, ID
Jacob Rustin
Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. - Area Manager - Nacogdoches, TX
Jakeb Pennington
Legacy Land & Timber - Forester - Devers, TX
James W. Dawson
Dawson Forestry Services - Owner - Cushing, TX
Jason C. Raines
Acorn Forestry - Lufkin, TX
Jay R. Tidwell
Landpoint Forestry, LLC - Bivins, TX
Jeffrey Williams
Williams Forestry - Certified Forester - Tyler, TX
Jenkins Forest Resources LLC
Thomas Paul Jenkins CF, ISA - Certified Forester - Humble, TX
Jeremiah R Pinto
USDA Forest Service: Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetics Resources - Research Plant Physiologist, Tribal Nursery Specialist - Moscow, ID
Jimmy Don Thomas
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc. - Forester - Arkadelphia, AR
Jimmy McNamara
FNC Forest Resource Management - Jacksonville, TX
Joel Rudolph
- Forester, Real Estate Broker - Nacogdoches, TX
John D. Ross
Burditt LLC - Senior Resource Forester - Conroe, TX
John Diehl
Diehl Forestry LLC - Bossier City, LA
John Heath
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Area Manager - Lufkin, TX
John Kilian
Field Coordinator - Burns Forestry - Crockett, TX
John Marksberry
Bird & Crawford Forestry - Forester / Wildlife Biologist - Shreveport, LA
John McRae
- Lufkin , TX
Jonathan Fife
Burns Forestry - Forester/Wildlife Biologist - Crockett, TX
Justin T. Penick
Acorn Forestry - Lufkin, TX
Kathryn Tillman
U.S. Forest Service - Supervisory Forester - Nacogdoches, TX
Keelin R. Parker
Parker Forestry Consultants - Forester/Owner - Woodville, TX
Ken Braddock
HGT Group, LP - Nacogdoches, TX
Kollin Hurt Forestry, Inc.
- Professional Forester - Gilmer, TX
Kynda Trim
FNC Forest Resource Management - Forester - Jacksonville, TX
Linda Ziccardi
Alpine EcoSciences LLC - Owner - Golden, CO
Mark Bird
Bird Forestry - Consulting Forester - Center, TX
Mark Brian
Bird Forestry - Consulting Forester - Center, TX
Mark Drahem
JMS Forestry Associates - Nacogdoches, TX
Mark E. Erb
President - Forestry Associates, LLC - Huntsville, TX
Mason, Bruce & Girard
Roger Lord, ACF - Blacksburg, VA
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc.
- Portland, OR
Michael P. Smith
Forestall Company, Inc. - President - Birmingham, AL
Michael Posey
American Forest Management - Area Manager - Groveton, TX
Mick Schmitt
FNC Forest Resource Management - Jacksonville, TX
Mike Bird
Principal / Forester - Bird & Crawford Forestry - Center, TX
Mike Cline
Mike Cline Consulting Forester - Professional Forester - Palestine, TX
Mike Hincher
The Forestland Group, LLC - Senior Vice President – Forest Operations - Abingdon, VA
Mike S. Walker
Azimuth Forestry Services, Inc. - Owner & President - Shelbyville, TX
Mike Young
FNC Forest Resource Management - Forest Technician - Jacksonville, TX
National Association of State Foresters
- Washington, DC
National Woodland Owners Association
Keith A. Argow - President, Director, At-Large - Vienna, VA
Natural Capital Exchange (NCX)
- San Francisco, CA
Nature's Eye Consulting
Blake Hamilton - Founder, Forester & Wildlife Biologist - Lufkin, TX
Pat Grissom
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc - Forester - Texarkana, TX
Phil Witter
Canfor Southern Pine - Environmental Manager - US Operations - Mobile, AL
Phil Wright
Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc - Forester - Texarkana, TX
Philip D. Bailey, MAI
Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. - Senior Appraiser, Eastern US & International - Blacksburg, VA
Ray Lott
Ray Lott & Associates, Inc. - President - Texarkana, TX
Reboot Reforestation, LLC
Connor Herndon - Sales & Customer Outreach Manager - Tuscaloosa, AL
Resource Analytical & Management Group, LLC
Billy K. Lemons - President & Principal Consultant - Nacogdoches, TX
Richard Cole
Senior Forester - Burns Forestry - Crockett, TX
Ricky ONeill
Neeley Forestry Service, Inc. - Certified Wildlife Biologist and Certified Forester - Camden, AR
Risner Forestry
Lin and Wanda Risner - Marshall, TX
Robert C. Crane
Woodland Management Service - Consulting Forester - Stevens Point, WI
Robert Fuchs
4F Forestry, LLC - Professional Forester - Nacogdoches, TX
Robert R Bryan
Forest Synthesis - President/Habitat Conservation Forester - Harpswell, ME
Robin Willhoite
United Timber Management Co. - Consulting Forester - Timpson, TX
Rodney Ladner, TFA
Ladner Forestry Consulting, Inc - President - San Augustine, TX
Rodney Schroeder
American Forest ManagementTX
Ronald F. Billings
Texas Forest Service - Consulting Forester - College Station, TX
Ronnie Bane
Burditt Associates - Vice President - Conroe, TX
Hunting Leases - Alexandria, LA
Scott Hammett
Hammett Forest Management - Consulting Forester, Texas Broker - Linden, TX
Scott Nevins
RecLand Realty, LLC - Forester/Agent (TX) - Monroe, LA
Scott Shartle Family Tree Farm, LLC
- Crockett, TX
Scotty Ward
Crest Natural Resources - Commercial Certified And Insured Prescribed Burn Manager - Jasper, TX
Sean Johnson
FNC Forest Resource Management - Forest Technician - Jacksonville, TX
Seth Yoho
Williams Forestry & Associates - Regional Manager - Calhoun, GA
Sherman Forestry Services LLC
- Diana, TX
Shortleaf Pine Initiative
- Athens, GA
Silva-Tech - South, Ltd.
Michael D. Bird, ACF - Forester - Center, TX
Southeast Prescribed Fire Update
North Carolina State University Extension Forestry - Raleigh, NC
Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc.
- Bainbridge, GA
Southern Forestry Management
Charles McKeever & George Gillespie - Hallsville, TX
Southern Group of State Foresters
- Garner, NC
Southern Timber Growers, Inc.
- Houston, TX
Spencer Burke
SKB Consulting LLC - Professional Forester - Crockett, TX
Stan Cook
Cook Forest Management - Nacogdoches, TX
Stephen Dantzler
Apex Forestry and Land Co., LLC - Professional Forester - Porter, TX
Steven Sutton
East Texas Forestry Service - Avinger, TX
Suzanne Birmingham Walker
Azimuth Forestry Services, Inc. - Owner & Vice President - Shelbyville, TX
Taylor Wilson
Resource Management Service - District Manager - Lufkin, TX
Teddy Reynolds, B.S.F., R.F., S.R.
Reynolds Forestry Consulting & Real Estate, PLLC - President/CEO - Magnolia, AR
Texas A&M Forest Service
- College Station, TX
Texas Forestry Association
- Lufkin, TX
The Longleaf Alliance
- Andalusia, AL
The Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC
- Jackson, MS
Tim A. Parker
Parker Forestry Consultants - Partner - Woodville, TX
Timothy Gahl
Forest Resource Consultants, Inc. - Region Manager - Diboll, TX
Timothy Gahl
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Lufkin, TX
Tobias P. Ford Jr., PLS, RPLS
Tobias P Ford Land Surveying - St. Francisville, LA
Victor E. Hemard, Jr.
Hemard & Company - President - Texarkana, TX
Walsh Timber Co LLC
David Cupp - Zwolle, LA
Ward Timber Company Inc.
- Linden, TX
Warren E. Peters
Peters Forest Resources, Inc. - President - Baton Rouge, LA
Wayne S. Pfluger
Lone Star Forestry, LLC - Owner - Huntsville, TX
Wes White Forestry Consultant
- Jacksonville, TX
William Douglas Stalnaker Jr.
Campbell Timber Management - Landman - Diboll, TX
William Hoebel
W. G. Hoebel Company, Inc. - Henderson, TX
William Muncrief
Forest Resource Consultants Inc - Area Manager - Jasper, TX
Half-Earth Day EarthX Conservation Conference Half-Earth Day Conservation Conference will focus on The Role of Private Lands in Texas. This event brings together people from around the world and across disciplines to share their unique perspectives and thought leadership on how we can work together to achieve the goal of Half-Earth and ensure the health of our planet for future generations. Thursday, October 22nd – 9:00am – 4:00pm CT Old Parkland Dallas, TX For more information contact: Terry Beck - (817) 999-4893